Introducing GramaxNP™: Biolevel’s New Biofertilizer for Wheat and Barley

The global biological nutrition company delivers groundbreaking convenience with its latest product innovation, now available in the US

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla., July 11, 2024 — Biolevel Ltd., a global biological nutrition company dedicated to developing and delivering a new generation of innovative products that benefit farmers, is expanding its product portfolio with the introduction of GramaxNP™ – the next generation of liquid microbial seed coating technology, specifically for wheat and barley crops.

GramaxNP™ is a groundbreaking biofertilizer that is a go-to solution for farmers who are looking to increase yields and profitability, without compromising time and ease of use. While other available biological products in-market require multiple steps prior to use, such as component mixing, GramaxNP™ is an industry first product in its convenience, as it’s ready-to-use, stabilized in its liquid form, does not require refrigeration, and has a long shelf life. Additionally, GramaxNP™’s light seed coating allows it to mix well with other liquid seed treatments, so farmers do not have to add steps to their existing routines when using the product.

“Convenience and ease of use is at the forefront of our innovation, and with the introduction of GramaxNP™, Biolevel is continuing to disrupt the market with its portfolio of game changing products,” said Lutz Glandorf, President & Co-Founder. “Now, farmers focused on wheat and barley are able to maximize their yields by integrating this liquid microbial seed coating into their growing practices, without user error, questioning, or worry.”

During the 2023 season, GramaxNP™ consistently performed across regions in both winter and spring sown wheat and barley crops – on average the product delivered $6 additional yield for every $1 spent, and increased overall yield above full grower standard Nitrogen rates in 90% of the trials. Additionally, the product performed well when added to standard grower practice fertilization and at reduced nitrogen rates. And, the yield increase was achieved while maintaining, or even improving, overall grain quality.

Biolevel™ brand products are designed to consistently and conveniently deliver more balanced nutrition to specific crops. GramaxNP™ joins Biolevel’s existing lineup of products, including MaizeNP™ (a biofertilizer for corn) and PhosN™ (a biofertilizer for soybeans). Biolevel products are based on a robust consortium of natural microbes that synergistically unlock Nitrogen, solubilise phosphorus and potassium, and promote micronutrient uptake at the root of the plant. Bred to be highly robust and are tolerant to agronomic, environmental, and logistical stresses, these products have a market leading two-year shelf life, and require no refrigeration or additional fermentation, making them the most convenient to use in the market. Biolevel products are also a proven, safe, and reliable contributor to reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions from farming.

In the US, GramaxNP™ is now available for purchase through Biolevel’s network of independent dealers, including My Yield and Growsource Solutions. For more information visit, follow on LinkedIn, and subscribe on YouTube.


About Biolevel 

Biolevel Ltd. is dedicated to developing and delivering a new generation of biological nutrition products that support the real-world practices of farmers around the globe. Founded by Laurence Berman, Ian Robertson, and Lutz Glandorf, Biolevel was born out of a need for more consistent and convenient bionutrition products that could better withstand the variety of harsh conditions farmers face in the storage, application and use of biological products. After more than 20 years of development, R&D, and validation, Biolevel’s market-leading biologicals for corn, soybeans, potatoes, cereal, wheat, barley, and other crops – MaizeNP™, PhosN™, and GramaxNP™ – were commercialized in Europe, North America, and Africa. Biolevel plans to expand the application and distribution of its products to other crops, including cereals, canola, sunflower, tomatoes, and other fruits and vegetables. Follow Biolevel on LinkedIn and YouTube.

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