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In on-farm, university and industry trials across a variety of growing environments, our stats tell the story of better bionutrition. Click on a product below to explore performance data.

MaizeNP™ Biofertilizer Corn Trial Results

In multiyear, multilocation North American trials, MaizeNP has demonstrated consistent yield benefits for corn across all locations. MaizeNP has been tested versus standard management practices and competitive N-only biologicals in conventional, high-yield intensive management and low-N environments.


MaizeNP Yield Advantage: 2023 University, Industry and On-Farm Trials*

In 2023 trials, MaizeNP consistently boosted yields versus standard practices in reduced-N, conventional and high-yield management conditions. Against a competitive N-only biological product, MaizeNP boosted yields by 8.2 bu/acre with reduced N.

*Individual results may vary
Preliminary findings from the first year of a multiyear trial
MaizeNP biofertilizer yield advantage versus N-only competitive biological product.


2022 Intensive-Management Crop Nutrition Retailer Trials*

Biolevel MaizeNP was tested in comprehensive, intensive-management retailer crop nutrition trials across 12 locations in 2022. Across all trials it boosted yields of the intensive-management program by 2.8 bu/acre with an 82% win rate.

*Individual results may vary


2023 Controlled-Release Nitrogen Trials*

In the first year of multiyear university trials, Biolevel MaizeNP pushed the yield curve versus the grower standard practice, slow-release nitrogen and nitrification inhibitor treatments. (University of Florida, 2023)

*Individual results may vary

Increased nutrient uptake for better yields

In a 2022 Adair County, Iowa, on-farm trial, MaizeNP boosted yields by 9.5 bushels/acre versus the field standard. A plant sap analysis conducted at R2 demonstrated MaizeNP-treated plants had significantly higher levels of N, P and K than untreated plants. At harvest, ears from the treated plants (on the right side of the image) also had improved size, fill and consistency than the untreated plants.

2022 Adair County, Iowa, on-farm trial

PhosN™ Biofertilizer Trial Results

Multiyear, multilocation North American university and industry field trials have demonstrated Biolevel PhosN can deliver greater soybean ROI while improving overall soil heath for consistent, impressive wins. Because farmers may have different approaches to soybean production, PhosN has been tested and proven in trials where it was the only input in a conventional program, as well as part of an intensive management program — boosting 90-bushel yields even higher.


WinField United Answer Plot® Trials*

Biolevel PhosN demonstrated a high win rate versus standard practices across the northern and central U.S. Corn Belt — averaging a 2.6 bu/acre yield advantage. (Source: WinField United Answer Plot trials, 2022)

*Individual results may vary


bushels per acre

University of Illinois multiyear trials*

Two years of comprehensive multilocation trials with two genetically diverse varieties resulted in consistent wins in both conventional and high-yield intensive management conditions. Under the best management approach for the season, Biolevel PhosN significantly boosted yields.

Biolevel delivered +3.5 bushels/acre yield advantage across two years and all locations grown under the right management conditions for the season. (Source: University of Illinois trials, 2022, 2023)

*Individual results may vary

Intensive Management Trial*

Under intensive-management conditions, Biolevel PhosN has shown it can boost high soybean yields even further. (Source: WinField United Answer Plot, 2022, Gothenburg, NE)
*Individual results may vary

Enhanced results from the start

Prior to signing on as a Biolevel retailer, My Yield conducted its own product field trials to ensure Biolevel products provide enhanced performance its customers expect. Biolevel performed as expected, delivering better vigor and yield potential. This video was captured during My Yield early season evaluations of PhosN and showed enhanced soybean root growth and nodulation versus untreated soybeans.

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Learn how bionutrition comes to life through MaizeNP™ biofertilizer for corn, PhosN™  biofertilizer for soybeans, available in multiple formulations to fit your application method preference.


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