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Biolevel™ brand products are designed to consistently and conveniently deliver more balanced nutrition to corn, soybeans and more crops coming soon.

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Our Products

Learn how bionutrition comes to life through MaizeNP biofertilizer for corn and PhosN biofertilizer for soybeans, available in multiple formulations to fit your application method preference.

The Biolevel Difference

Our products are the result of more than 20 years of passion, persistence, and rejecting the status quo to give growers more wins.

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Our Bionutrition Platform

Multistrain Formulation

Each product contains multiple strains of biodiverse, native, beneficial soil microbes selected for their ability to fix N and release P, K and micronutrients in the soil.

Selected for Synergy

Our products are bred to work synergistically, eliminating antagonism between strains to provide multiple metabolic pathways to achieve balanced nutrition.

Bred for stress tolerance

Our products can overcome agronomic, environmental, and logistical stressors in a broad range of soil environments and growing conditions.

Productized for stability & convenience

Our proprietary manufacturing process produces ultrahigh microbe concentrations with a two-year shelf life and no refrigeration, no mixing or fermentation required.

Trial Results

Third-party university, retailer and on-farm trials confirm the consistency and efficacy of Biolevel products. Results from our multiyear, multi-location trials from the field against competitor products, in low-nitrogen, high-performance and conventional input methods will be available soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Biolevel bionutrition products do not contain nutrients. The consortium of microbes in our products makes nutrients available to the plant through nitrogen fixation and by releasing P, K and micronutrients locked in soils.

The rate will vary depending on product, formulation, crop and/or seeding rate. However, the concentration of microbes in our products is extremely high, which enables them to be applied at low volumes and still deliver 2 billion colony forming units per acre. This is especially important for seed treatment to enable the application of additional value-added products.

Yes. Product design and formulation have enabled our products to be highly compatible with a variety of biostimulants, fertilizers, fungicides or other pesticides.

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Where to Buy

While you can directly purchase Biolevel products online to try, we value our local dealer partnerships and recommend connecting with a Biolevel dealer near you.

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Biolevel has both branded and white-label opportunities available to carry our products.

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