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Biolevel brings dealers branded and white-label options to get better bionutrition into the hands of growers.

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Biolevel Dealer Benefits

Biolevel Dealer Benefits

Consistent Grower Wins

Biolevel™ brand products contain a consortium of microbial strains that have been selectively bred to work together to more consistently boost yields, leading to consistent farmer wins and return business year after year. See the data for yourself.

High Compatibility

Biolevel products are highly compatible with liquid and dry fertilizers, biostimulants and most pesticides to add to the total value package you bring to your customers.

Convenient Storage & Use

Our product formulations have a two-year shelf life and do not require refrigeration or additional fermentation. They are highly concentrated, requiring less storage space to cover more acres. MaizeNP is available as a liquid seed treatment, planter box treatment or soluble powder. Once applied to seed, MaizeNP has a three-month shelf life. PhosN is available as a liquid seed treatment and soluble powder.

Exceptional Value

Biolevel products are priced to create exceptional value for both farmers and retailers. Every innovation is crafted with ROI in mind.

Marking a New Era in Biologicals

Biolevel is changing the biologicals industry to give farmers more consistent wins, year after year. Over more than 20 years of research and field trials, we identified and selectively bred native, beneficial microbial strains that work together to generate plant-available N, P, K and micronutrients from the soil. This platform allowed us to create and commercialize stress-tolerant biologicals proven to consistently boost plant vigor and yield, available on three continents so far. Together with our research and distribution partners like WinField United and Certis Belchim, we deliver the inputs to transform farmers’ ROI and sustainably meet the agricultural needs of a growing world.

Our Story

Our Products

Learn how bionutrition comes to life through MaizeNP™ biofertilizer for corn, PhosN™  biofertilizer for soybeans, available in multiple formulations to fit your customers’ application method preference. GramaxNP™ is a groundbreaking biofertilizer that is a go-to solution for farmers who are looking to increase yields and profitability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Biolevel offers MaizeNP in soluble powder, planter box treatment and liquid seed coating, as well as PhosN in soluble powder and liquid seed coating options.

Yes, Biolevel offers white label opportunities for our distribution partners. Contact us for more information.

Biolevel product consistency and efficacy has been validated in extensive field-level testing on three continents with leading university and industry collaborators. Following multiple years of North American trials, we’re excited about the results we see in our clients’ fields.

Yes. Biolevel collaborates with some of the leading distribution partners in the world to make our products available for farmers. We have proven our production capability at scale, guaranteeing our ability to produce large volumes for distribution channel needs on three continents.

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