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Biolevel MaizeNP Bionutrition Receives OMRI Listing

Provides organic farmers with a powerful tool for more wholistic natural nutrition

Today, Biolevel Ltd. announced it has received notification from the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) that MaizeNP soluble powder is listed by OMRI for organic corn production in the U.S. MaizeNP is a new multistrain, stress-tolerant bionutrition product that fixes nitrogen and releases phosphorous, potassium and micronutrients from the soil to make more balanced nutrition readily available to corn.  

“MaizeNP provides corn crops N, P and K nature’s way,” said Laurence Berman, Biolevel chairman and founder. “By being OMRI Listed, MaizeNP will now offer organic farmers more consistent, more convenient balanced nutrition to help boost yields. All farmers continue to be challenged with more efficient and effective ways to deliver sustainable nutrition to maximize crop production. Being OMRI Listed means organic and conventional farmers alike will now have a tremendous tool to achieve more wholistic nutrient cycling in their soils.”  

Biolevel has spent more than 20 years developing its bionutrition product platform, focusing on creating synergistic, multistrain products that are more consistent and convenient than current offerings. The company’s proprietary productization process has produced multistrain biological nutrition products that are more tolerant to agronomic, environmental and logistical stresses, do not require refrigeration or additional on-site fermentation, and are shelf stable for two years. Biolevel currently offers MaizeNP for corn and PhosN for soybeans, both of which are now OMRI Listed.  

MaizeNP soluble powder is compatible with a variety of soil-applied dry or liquid products, including biostimulants, to achieve more consistent, more balanced nutrition to provide greater yield potential. MaizeNP is also available as either a dry planter box treatment or liquid seed treatment. Biolevel anticipates receiving OMRI listing for the additional formulations in the near future.  

Biolevel products are available from a growing list of retailers in the U.S. For more information and to receive a limited-time introductory trial offer, go to  

About Biolevel 

Biolevel Ltd. is a global company dedicated to developing and delivering a new generation of biological nutrition products that support the real-world practices of farmers around the globe. The company’s products were commercialized following more than 20 years of R&D and on-farm trials in Europe, North America and Africa. Biolevel was founded by Laurence Berman, Ian Robertson and Lutz Glandorf when they identified a need for more consistent and convenient bionutrition products that could better withstand the variety of harsh conditions farmers face in the storage, application and use of biological products. The company employs proprietary techniques to design, breed, formulate and productize its products to help farmers start their winning streak with bionutrition products. Biolevel plans to expand the application and distribution of its products to other crops, including cereals, canola, sunflower, potatoes, tomatoes, and other fruit and vegetable crops.   


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