Our Leadership

Every member of the Biolevel team has a passion for biology and helping farmers achieve more consistent wins in the field.

Marking a new era in biologicals

Biolevel is changing the biologicals industry to give farmers more consistent wins, year after year. Over more than 20 years of research and field trials, we identified and selectively bred native, beneficial microbial strains that work together to generate plant-available N, P, K and micronutrients from the soil. This platform allowed us to create and commercialize stress-tolerant biologicals proven to consistently boost plant vigor and yield, available on three continents so far. Together with our research and distribution partners like WinField United and Certis Belchim, we deliver the inputs to transform farmers’ ROI and sustainably meet the agricultural needs of a growing world.

Our Story


Visit our FAQ section or contact us for more information on Biolevel™ brand products, dealer programs and trials. Learn how bionutrition comes to life through MaizeNP™ biofertilizer for corn and PhosN™  biofertilizer for soybeans.

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While you can directly purchase Biolevel™ brand products online to try, we value our local dealer partnerships and recommend connecting with a Biolevel dealer near you.

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Biolevel has both branded and white-label opportunities available to carry our products.

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